In the compendium we have collected inspiration, tips and tricks,
and information about more environmentally friendly alternatives for your projects.

Who made your fabrics?

Do you know where the fabrics you sew your clothes in come from, and why it's so important to know? We take a closer look at textile production and talk about our supply chain.
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Aoi Project

The shop and encyclopedia Indigo Indigo was started through the evolution of another project - the Aoi Project.
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When buying fabric by the meter today, you often find labels such as OEKO-TEX and GOTS, but what do they mean and what is really the best alternative?
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Wishes and inquiries

After several years in the textile industry, we have made our way through the wide and wide for both one and the other - Maybe we can help you too?
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What is DWR and PFAS? 🤔

When shopping for ra rain coat or water-repellent textiles, you often come across the abbreviations DWR and PFAS. But what do they mean, and what exactly are the differences?
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Corozo nut buttons

Buttons on the market today are usually made of plastic. A more eco-friendly option is buttons made from nuts, yes, you read that right!
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What is our vision?

The clothing industry has a major negative impact on the environment, and although the very best thing is to use what we have already produced, we also need durable clothing in the future.
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